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VeggieTales Larry Learns to Listen

Whose kids haven't had issues of listening? If your kids are anything like mine, Larry Learns to Listen is a must get movie.  It reminds your kids why they need to listen.  A quick synopsis:

When Larry's new Space Squadron game finally arrives, he's so anxious to play that he forgets to read the directions. When his friends do their best to tell him, Larry refuses to listen! What happens? His game goes ‘KERPOW!' That's when Larry learns a valuable lesson in listening as his friends come to the rescue. Kids will discover, right along with Larry, that God gave friends and family to help us through each day—so when we listen we don't miss what others have to say!

If you are a Veggie Tales fan, you will like this movie.  It reminds our kids the importance of listening but in a fun format.  The kids don't even realize they are learning a great lesson.  The DVD also includes two classic shows: “Pistachio” and “Josh and the Big Wall”. My family enjoyed this great DVD.

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