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Playlist: Martina McBride

Calling all Martina McBride fans!

If you are a Martina McBride fan, then you have to get your hands on her newest CD release:  playlist: Martina McBride.  Not only does this CD have some fan favorites, its also has some songs that you won't find anywhere else too!  Personally, I love these kind of CDs, because you never have to change out your CD.  You can listen to the whole thing and enjoy!

The tracks on the CD are as follows:
1. My Baby Loves Me
2 (aff). Wild Angels
3 (aff). Safe In The Arms Of Love
4. There You Are (Soundtrack Remix)
5. Happy Girl
6. It’s My Time
7. Wrong Again (Acoustic Version)
8. Show Me
9. I Love You
10. How I Feel
11. This One’s For The Girls (Mainstream Mix)
12. Cryin’ Time
13. Independence Day
14. God Bless America

I'm a sucker for God Bless America, but My Baby Loves Me is a close second. I would be surprised if your favorite Martina McBride song is not on here!

The other really cool thing is that this CD is eco-friendly. The case contains no plastic, is made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Instead of wasting paper inside the case, there is a pdf file with the liner notes, photos, and more.

If you are a Martina McBride fan, this is a must have CD for you.

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