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We got home from the doctor's two nights ago to about a zillion police cars last night. Ok, it was not a zillion, but it sure felt like a lot. There were 2 squads with their lights on about 7 houses down the street parked. There was a squad car patrolling the alley that goes along side of my house. There was a squad car driving up and down my street with its light thingy shining into our yards. There was also two cops on foot and one of them had a dog. When we drove into the alley to park, we also passed two squad cars. Me, being nosy, asked Bill if I should get the mail and see if I could find out what was going on. So, here I go, in the dark, to my mailbox trying to see if I could get a least a hint of the chaos surrounding us. Of course, couldn't find anyone to talk to. I then walked back to the house and then saw the two cops on foot. I yelled to them that we just got home and was there a break in. They said no but that if I saw a black kid with a black polo shirt on that I should call the police immediately.

I then went into the house. Bill and I proceeded to make sure that every door and window in our place was locked. Bill even locked the garage which we never do. It was a bit freaky. Any idea what that kid must have done to warrant that kind of police presence? I am guessing this isn't just a case of breaking and entering.

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