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Purry Logic Review and Giveaway!

If you need a gift for all the cat lovers in your life, Purry Logic is it! This books is all about cats.  Now, I personally am not the cat lover in this house.  However, I have two little ones who absolutely adore cats.  Needless to say, they loved this book.  The book is well illustrated with different kinds of cats on each page.  Each cat is doing its own thing and has its own saying next to it like “what canary?” and “I know you are happy to see me . . . just open the can”.  Even a non-cat lover enjoyed this book and laughed at a lot of the sayings.  They definitely got a cat's personality down to a tee.  This works great in my house because the book is short and holds both of my kids attention.

Now, I am also holding a giveaway for one of my lucky winners to win a copy of Purry Logic.  This is going to be a short giveaway, so you'll have to be quick entering this one.  Here's what you need to do:

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This giveaway will end on December 3 at 8:00 pm CST is available to US residents only. Good luck!

61 thoughts on “Purry Logic Review and Giveaway!

  1. I have 7 indoor cats and 6 outdoor cats. Definately a cat person. The next best thing to cats is a good book. I hope to be reading this one soon!

  2. I have a friend who is currently caring for 11 cats because she cannot let them be killed at the shelter. I would give this book to her.

  3. Count me in!
    I love animals of all kinds! 🙂 I'll probably share the book with my friends who love cats too..

  4. My mother is the ultimate cat lover. I always joke with her that one day she is going to be one of those ladies you hear about on the news who has fifty cats haha. She would love this book.

  5. I am a cat lover. I have 2 "babies" that I love. I grew up with dogs, but came to love cats as an adult.

  6. I've heard a lot about this book and would like to give it to my mother, who has two cats. Yes, I would read it first, but she wouldn't need to know that part.

  7. I am currently "owned" by three little-kitty girls and would LOVE to own a copy of this book! I'm sure I will be able to pick out each one of my "girls" in this book!

  8. My grandmother loves her kitties dearly and has a collection of cat books. I think this would make a wonderful gift that she would truly enjoy.

  9. I would love to win this. I am a big cat lover. I have my kitty sleeping on my lap right now.

    Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  10. This is perfect for either me or my mom. We both love animals and love to read and/or look at books about them. This sounds wonderful for a day that needs a "stress reliever!" Thank you for the contest!

  11. I would give this great book to my 81 year old Dad who has always been a cat lover. He always let me have several cats at a time when I was a child and now I know that he did so because of his love for cats. He has 2 beautiful cats now and I know that he would enjoy the humor of this book.
    Thank you for the purrfect giveaway.

  12. I love the individual personalities of our cats. They are as unique as we are. This would be the perfect gift for any of our cat loving family.

  13. This book would be great for me because I'm a big cat lover. We have 4, all first came to us as strays except for 1.

  14. This would be going to my mother in law who just got a new cat and is crazy about her. I know she would enjoy this book.

  15. This would go to my daughter. She has two goofy cats who are constantly entertaining her and she would enjoy reading funny sayings.

  16. This book would be for my sister lisa who is cat crazy – she has one little cat Mitzy (who has cancer) and adores her. She sends purry emails to friends and family with hilarious and cute pictures.

  17. I would so love to win this book for my grandson Jack Henry. He lives in a house with cats so it would be perfect.

    I first learned about this book on Gather and tried to win it there but alas another cat lover was blessed with the book.

    Lucy and Abbie (the cats that live with Jack Henry) are crossing their paws.

  18. At work, there is a group of girls who love to read, and to save some money, we all pass our books around for everyone to read. I would love to add this book to our reading group!

  19. My 92 year young mother dotes on her fur babies and would get a kick out of this book! Wishing you a Meowy Christmas!

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