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Quote of the Day

From Stacked: A 32DDD Reports From the Front, by Susan Seligson:

“As the prevailing breast term, boobs is the most innocuous and the only one that has gained widespread acceptance. That's because it's the slang term women are most likely to use in reference to their own breasts. A woman might complain how her boobs ache, sag, or feel lumpy. But I strongly doubt anyone has ever shared concerns with a girlfriend over discomfort in her hooters.”

Why did I pick this quote? It made laugh. A lot. It is also true. I usually call that part of my anatomy boobs too. I have also complained a lot to others about my boobs hurting. I can honestly also say that I have never referred to them as hooters. Ever. Lastly, I picked this quote because it is a good statement of our culture.

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