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Rachael Ray Show Update

Ok I know when the pizza showdown is going to be on Rachael Ray.  We are looking at Wednesday of this week. If you are in Chicago, it is on Channel 2 (aff) at 2 (aff):00 pm.  If you don't know when it is on by you, go over to Rachael Ray‘s site.

If you don't know what I am talking about, remember that trip I won to New York (if not, click the link and I'll tell you all about it)?  Well, this is the show that was taped.  I know that I am it, since one of the taped segments that they showed while we were there has me eating pizza on the plane.  Granted, I think I am on the screen for all of 2 seconds, but I'll take my two seconds of fame.  If you don't remember what I look like or don't know, look at this post.  The picture is from my sister's wedding.

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