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Red Toolbox DIY Tools and Carpentry Kits

Red Toolbox is a new and innovative concept. They offer DIY tools and carpentry project kits for kids and their parents to work on together. It is literally quality time in a box. Red Toolbox carpentry tools are ergonomically designed to suit a child's grip. However, they aren't cheap plastic toys. These are real tools. That was the first thing that impressed my husband. These are tools our kids can use on “real” projects and can help my husband. It also brought him back to the time when he got his first set of tools.  This tool kit can allow you to make memories with your kids.  It also gives your kids a sense of ownership of their own tools.  It is awesome seeing their pride and joy at having their own tools just like Dads.

The carpentry kits are pretty cool too.  Kids can learn multiple skills that adjust to their level difficulty.  I love that it shows them some of the stuff they learned in school does have real life applications.  These projects teach independence, teamwork, and self esteem.  The different levels make it so your kids aren't getting frustrated.  They are working on projects for their skill set.

These products can all be purchased at Lowe's.  I love that they have a pretty extensive line of these already.  There are plenty of choices for Christmas presents!

9 thoughts on “Red Toolbox DIY Tools and Carpentry Kits

  1. Sounds like a great way to get the kids involved in some hands on woodworking. I think it helps them when they can start a simple project and complete it. This can help them visualize the end product as they are building it.
    I’ve found a great site for woodworking plans that has some good beginner projects.


  2. Your point that kids tools should be usable rather just looking like real tools but really being plastic junk is really great! I get so upset with kids scizzors that won't cut or kids 'whatever' that don't really do what they look like they're supposed to do. When I was looking to buy my grandkids a sewing machine so they could learn how to sew, the saleslady tried to sell me a toy sewing machine because it was a whole lot cheaper — but it didn't work. Tools that aren't actually usable are just frustrating — especially for young folks who are trying to learn how to do something.

  3. I have to agree with Sara. Tools that don't work are totally frustrating. And, as an adult, if I find that tools don't work when I try to use them (and I know how they're supposed to be used), just think what it must be like for a child who is just starting to learn. They have to think it's their fault that it's not working. And we buy this crap for them thinking we're saving money. Just think what that does to their self-image. If I can't get it to work, I won't buy it for my kid!

  4. It is really interesting toolbox. I feel this would be useful to the children in real projects. I am thinking of buying one for my children after reading your description. Thanks for providing such an useful information about carpentry kits.

  5. Hi All,
    I think the red box diy tool kit is a great concept. It provides parents and kids an opportunity to play/work together and hopefully learn some practical skills.

    In this digital age of computerised games there is little room for the traditional ways of play and learning.

    I know my interest in woodworking goes back to my dad and making simple wooden household items.

    Best of luck with this.

    Jim from Drill Press Reviews

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