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Referendum News

Much to our disappointment, the referendum did not pass. It lost by 53 votes. That's it. Now Bill and I have some major decisions to make. Madison won't be in the school district for 2 years, so hopefully they can get something figured out in that amount of time. We talked about moving, but this could happen in the school district we move into too. I think at this point, we are going to stay put and see what happens. It isn't like we live in a rich school district (most of the cars here don't have billet grilles), but I expected that people would step up and help the kids.  I guess not.  I wish these people could go out to Will County and see how people are getting taxed out of their homes (I know, we were one of them) out there.  Trust me, the taxes here aren't bad at all — even with an increase the referendum would have brought.

2 thoughts on “Referendum News

  1. I hate taxes as much as the next guy… but it's really sad when people won't INVEST in the kids… because that's what it is… an investment not an expense

  2. We lived in New Lenox, IL (Will County) for 7 years. In that time, our property taxes almost doubled. It was horrendous. I also worked in the school district which really opened my eyes to the amount of waste that goes on. I recall the summer before my daughter was getting ready to enter Kindergarten, the school district had a referendum on the ballot and stated that if it didn't pass, they would be doubling up the kindergarten classes and cancelling the music program. I hate being threatened, but of course, I voted for the referendum. It's a catch 22. The state of Illinois really needs to step up to the plate and provide more funding to schools.

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