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Reflection – #NSNation Update Week 45 #samp

I was interviewed for a blog post about weight loss this week. (The article will be posted next week and I'll make sure I let you all know about it!). In looking for pictures to send you, I realized something. I had no idea how fat I was. I mean — I know I was fat. I could see that. I just never saw how heavy I really was. In looking for new “after” pictures, I was able to realize the change I've made. Am I 100% happy where I am? No. Am I comfortable in my own skin now? Yes. If I stay this weight forever will I be happy? Yes. I just have “areas” that I still would like to lose weight from.

With that, I am going to show you some pictures:

Can you tell which are before and after? I've decide when I'm down and out for being stuck, I will look to see how far I've actually come!


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28 thoughts on “Reflection – #NSNation Update Week 45 #samp

  1. Nutrisystem Really works I know a lady that can just start it and she looses the weight no problem. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on your successful weight loss!!! I truly mean that from the heart. You see, I am ashamed to say that I am a NS and WW drop out. I KNOW how hard it is to stick with it. Best wishes and thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Congratulations! It is so hard to face the fact that changes need to be made. I've gained a lot of weight recently and felt like it wasn't so bad but I really need to make changes and lose weight and get healthy. I have heard NutriSystem is wonderful. Too expensive for me but I try to count calories and exercise.

  4. wow congratulations! I have been up and down on my weight loss journey.At this time I am back up because I quit smoking and picked up eating to make up for cig. but I plan to get started again soon. keep up the good work!

  5. great job. it takes a lot of dedication and hard work…and WOW you have done a fantastic job…over 70 lbs!!! pat yourself on the back a few times every single day!! i dont know ya and am proud of you! keep up the great work!!

  6. I have always thought about doing something like this. Money always prevents me plus I'm scared I'd be stuck buying the product forever if i want to stay thin. You look amazing tho!! Good job.

  7. Congrats on the weight loss and all the hard work. it's such a day to day thing with weight – be proud of how far you've come.

  8. Well done! Weight loss is something I have to tackle. Having a child completely changed my metabolism and weight distribution patterns, and suddenly it is a real problem that my prolific food allergies and intolerances make it hard to change my diet, and my physical disabilities make it hard to exercise. Except…"suddenly" has been going on for seven years now.

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