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Refresh'n Dryer Towels

I always have to laugh when I read about everyone else besides me who hates doing laundry.  Actually, it isn't the “doing” of the laundry we hate — it is the folding and putting away.  What I tend to do, and yes I know better, is leave everything in the baskets way to long, and it ends up looking like I didn't even wash it.  The other thing that happens (and that I hate) is when you wear a pair of dress pants once (and they are dry clean only), and they look horribly wrinkly after.  The Refresh'n Dryer Towel is one of those items you wonder how you lived without.  It works really easy.  All you do is pick up the clothes that you want to unwrinkle, through them in your dryer, get the towel wet, and put it in.  You then start the dryer and dry for around 10 – 15 minutes.  That is it!  Your clothes will come out great and unwrinkled!  You can use this on jeans, slacks, shorts, dresses, sweaters, etc.  Honestly, this will save you a lot on dry cleaning costs when you are just taking your stuff in to get the wrinkles out (am I the only one who does that?)

Here's what I love about the Refresh'n Dryer Towel.  It is easy to use.  With two little ones, I can't have intricate directions.  There are no chemicals involved, so I don't have to worry about my kids getting into it.  The towel is able to kill bacteria and odor (with the steam) and also traps lint, dust and dirt.  I will be saving on dry cleaning costs.  In this economy, if I can save on anything, I'll happily take it.  I also love that you can save approximately 700 gallons of water and 90 kwh of electricity when used on wash and wear clothing.  Lastly, I love it, because it really does work!

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