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Good week, good times, New York Times

Last week was a pretty good week.  My week started off with an email from a New York Times reporter wanted to interview regarding a post I wrote about Amazon's frustration free packaging.  Once I picked myself up off the floor, I emailed him back and told him it was okay to call.  I had a great conversation with their technology reporter, and I went on my merry way.  Seriously, my  heart was beating about 400 miles an hour while this was going on.  I asked for him to let me know when it gets printed, and I thought that was the end of it.

On Thursday, I was super surprised to get a call from the New York Times again!  This time they wanted to send a photographer to my house to get pictures of me and my kids!  I ended up with 2 hours to get me and the kids ready and clean the house.  It went well, I think, and I hope to find out soon when the article will get printed.

I feel incredibly blessed right now even though my mom is teasing about when Oprah is going to be calling.  🙂

18 thoughts on “Good week, good times, New York Times

  1. That is fantastic I would be delighted if any of my posts were chosen to be published in a Newspaper. Congratulations on the recognition and reward for your blogging skills. 😛 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. god, i would be nervous as well! but it sounds like you can handle it.

    won't your kids get such a kick out of seeing themselves in the Times….

    whoever has said that blogging is a waste of time can eat their words right now!

  3. Congrats that is great! Isnt it crazy what happens from one thing to the next, one minute your writing a blog and the next thing you are in a newspaper!

  4. WOW, you go girl, that is fantastic. WOW, I am still in awe truely.

    Just showing that our opinions does count. Really all I can say is keep it up girl you are doing your 'sisters' proud.

  5. Congrats Lisa!

    Personally I'd like if if Jon Stewart called for the Daily Show. People go on there all the time to flog their books–and I've only seen a few bloggers. They should invite you. There has to be with a single blog post-getting rich and famous angle in there somewhere!

  6. wow-thats fab! I'm a first ime visitor and have just read the post that prompted this-That is a god send! Myself and the DH were just commenting on the fact that the toy we had just purchased from our local toystore now has degree free packing!! meaning you dont have to be a genius to free the item.Why though? It's a nightmare and I'm really relieved that manufacurers have now realised what an nightmare it is :mrgreen:

  7. Hey, you're featured on the front page of Amazon right now!

    Kudos to you, and to them for giving you proper credit!

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