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Shox Scooter

I can remember when we got Madison her first Disney scooter that actually has three wheels. My, how she's grown!

The scooter that you see in the picture is a Shox Scooter. It is made by Shred Sled who is a company that specializes in extreme sport products for kids. This is the first ever active shock absorber scooter. A more experienced rider than Madison will be able to perform higher, faster, and more awesome tricks. The shock deck not absorbs the impact, but also springs back to increase the rider's power. The deck also has a rough grip surface which helps keep their feet on it. There is also a back break. I loved that the hand bars were adjustable, so it can grow with Madison as she grows. The scooter is also made from lightweight aluminum. Not only do you go faster with this, it makes it super easy to travel with. It also folds in half which makes traveling with it and storing it quite easy.

My thoughts?  Its a great scooter.  We can easily bring it to grandma's house.  Madison has also become quite the expert riding it too!  It's easy enough for the beginners yet it has some great features for the non-beginners.  If you are in the market for a scooter, take a look at the Shox Shooter!

2 thoughts on “Shox Scooter

  1. My nephew has one of these and it goes everywhere with him (he can just get it in his rucksack!). They are great fun, just be careful for stones on the paving!!

  2. My son actually has asked me to buy this for him, but I'm a bit wary of him getting into an accident. But after reading this I might just give in to his request, I will just let him wear safety gears.

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