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Sibling and Me Class Part 2

Madison's class was tonight. First thing I learned was that when a class is offered for 3 (aff) – 10 year olds, DONT SIGN UP A 3 (aff) YEAR OLD! It was way too old for her. Definitely did not hold her attention. Heck, the video they played didn't hold my attention. It also was an hour and half and we ran 15 minutes over. Good class if your kid is about 5 years old. Not so good for a 3 year old. We did get to walk down to the nursery and see some babies. We also saw what the room is going to look like that I will be staying in. We diapered our doll and fed it a bottle too.

Then the weirdest thing happened. We got to the car to leave, and she cried all the way home (aff) and never really told me what her problem was. The only thing I caught between the screams was that she wanted a dog (have no idea where that came from). We got home (aff), and she completely fell apart. She screamed when Bill was trying to figure out what her problem was. She screamed even harder when he tried to rock her to get her to calm down. It has been a while since she's gotten overstimulated and that is what it almost looked like.

5 thoughts on “Sibling and Me Class Part 2

  1. Maybe she had the sudden realization that a baby is coming. The screaming for a dog because dogs are easier and won't take so much attention away from her.

    Poor thing.

    But Mark went through this when I had Sebastian. He wasn't the baby anymore, so I made a point of doing something super special with him every time Sebastian went down for a nap, like an extra cookie and a movie, or longer play times etc.

  2. I'm actually about to write a post about what I think happened. She went to bed at 9 last night and got up at 10 this morning. I really wonder if it was more of a sleep issue than anything.

  3. We welcomed our 2nd son several months ago after a 7 year gap from the first. Tried to sign him up for a class like this at our hospital and couldn't. Apparently he was too old and the class was geared for 2-4 year olds… Maybe we should swap towns?

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