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Sid The Science Kid: Weather Kid Sid

Sid The Science Kid is loved in my house. While we don't often catch the PBS series a lot, we own the Sid the Science Kid movies (which have the episodes on them).   Both my kids love Sid the Science kid. Finding something that can hold both a 2 yr old and a 6 yr olds attention can be trying, but Sid manages the impossible.  When I found out about Sid The Science Kid:  Weather Kid Sid, I knew we had to see it.  Weather Kid Sid does not disappoint.  For our last trip to Green Bay (which was a 5 hr drive), my kids watched this over and over.  That is how much they enjoyed this movie!

In Sid's Special Sunny Dad's Day episode, Sid wants to play soccer but he doesn't want to put on sunscreen.  However, later in the episode, Sid learns about how sunscreen protects your skin.  Since we are getting into the hot summer here in Chicago, this episode was timely for us.  My kids hate getting sunscreen on, so it is nice to remind them of Sid.  Besides learning about the sunshine, my kids also learned about rain, chilly and cold winters, and the wind.  It's a weather smörgåsbord.  It really gave Madison insight into the weather.  Will just likes to watch Sid.

I love DVDs that go along with what Madison learns at school and this DVD definitely did that.  I even liked watching it!

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2 thoughts on “Sid The Science Kid: Weather Kid Sid

  1. This is like the favorite of my niece, but poor me, I never watched any episode of it! I should buy this DVD for her, because her birthday is near, and it will be the perfect gift to her!

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