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SKIL Power Cutter

skilWant a power tool both you and your husband (aka significant other) can both use?  The SKIL Lithium Ion Power Cutter is just what you need.  We have been using this for about a month now, and there are just so many uses for it.  This power cutter can cut through pretty much anything from carpet to plastic packaging (hello, Christmas morning with all those toys in all that crappy packaging that no one can get open) to fabric to vinyl flooring to even gift wrap.  This is better than cutting your wrapping paper with a scissors.  I love the this power cutter for several reason.  Obviously the fact that it can cut through almost anything is a huge plus.  Some other things that I love is that it is lightweight which makes it easier to take anywhere you need it.  It also has a battery gauge, so you know just how long it will be working.  You won't be in a middle of project when it decides to die out.  It will hold a charge for up to 18 months too!   I love the blade guard too, because it makes it extremely difficult for me to hurt myself.

There are just so many uses for this both inside and outside of your house.  It is one of those tools that almost everyone in your house will have a use for.  Anybody would be happy to see this under their Christmas tree.

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