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Sony Digital Photo Frame Giveaway!

Yes, you heard it right.  I am completely jealous of all of you, since I only got one of these to borrow!  The Sony Digital Photo Frame is worth about $249.99, so this is a giveaway you want enter!

Let me tell you a little bit about this frame.  It is a 9-inch digital photo frame with 800×480 resolution and 15:9 aspect ratio LCD screen.  It has 512MB of internal memory with optional image resizing to maximize the internal memory.  It also includes HDMI output for viewing photos in high definition on an HDTV.  You are able to auto correct images with features such as red-eye correction.  It also offers nine slide show styles and clock and calendar modes.  Now, I know that all sounds difficult to figure out what to do.  However, I was able to do this all without reading the manual!  This digital picture frame is even BlueTooth ready!  You can also run the pictures off several different kinds of memory cards:  Memory Stick media and Memory Stick PRO Duo media, SD, MMC, CF, Microdrive, and xD Picture cards. I seriously could not believe how crisp these pictures are.  I am seriously sad that I have to venture over to Fed Ex on Monday and send mine back.

Now, I know you don’t want to read about how much fun we had playing testing this out for you, my readers, so . . . . what do you have to do to get one of these in your house?

1.  Leave a comment on this post.  Check out Sony’s site and tell me what feature you think you would like best on this frame.  One comment please and let me know everything you did on that comment.  If you don’t list a feature, you are not eligible to win.
2. Stumble this post. If you don’t know what Stumble Upon is, please read Lori’s post at Blogging Cents. She explains it extremely well.
3. Vote for this post on other social media sites. One extra entry for each social media site you vote for this on.  (I’ll be adding some links to make this especially easy for you to vote — Digg, Propeller, Mixx, Kirtsy, Entreview, Reddit, Blogging Zoom)
4.  Twitter about this contest.  Please leave me your Twitter name in your comment.

For 5 additional entries,

1.  Blog about this on your blog.  Please give me the URL, so I can verify.
2.  Add this to any forums you belong too. Please give me the URL, so I can verify.
3.  Subscribe to this blog using either my email or RSS feed

This contest will run from now till August 24th at 8 PM CST.  It is for US residents only.  Good luck!

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495 thoughts on “Sony Digital Photo Frame Giveaway!”

  1. I like that it can have more memory to hold more images by using a memory card or stick.

    I have commented, I submitted it to StumbleUpon (hadn't been submitted!)
    and I'm about to Twitter it! Name on Twitter you already know, but it's mskat.

  2. I like the number of photos it can hold, and that its memory is upgradeable to hold more. Also the fact that you can view pictures in slide show.

    I stumbeled, and and voted on Mixx and Digg. I twitted, username Chihuatude, and Kwipped Kwippy name also Chihuatude. I have your feed already on Yahoo, Blog Rover, and on my site I will share a post probably Sunday.

  3. You'll enjoy fast response, direct input from most digital cameras and memory cards, Thats my most important feature is that it something I can use easily and not fumble with. This would be the best gift ever for my dad, when I read about the Clock/calendar feature I knew that it would be perfect, he doesn't have alot of room so anything that can do double duty is the gift for him

  4. This is wonderful,perfect for my son's wedding. It holds up to 1000 pic and the quick search would be perfect to find that special pic.And my fav. the remote control….

  5. I would love one, to show off my pictures, and it would be big enough for it.
    Thanks for a great contest…I subscribed to you on RSS.

  6. My granddaughter is in Germany at a Children's International Summer Village. I would love this for all of the pictures that she will bring home with her and also to download them from the CISV website. There are already hundresds of photos on-line and I'm saving them to my computer.

  7. I like the auto image rotation & the fact that it takes several different types of memory stick (I've got three different kinds here!)

    I'd love to put this on my mantle 🙂

    I've stumbled this (s/n is starryskye81), twittered (starryskye81) and blogged it ( I don't feel like locating my passwords to all those social networking sites though 😉

    NIIIICEEE contest!

  8. Being able to add a memory card to it to show off more pictures is awesome! This would be my favorite feature.
    Thanks for the contest!

  9. 1,000 images would be awesome! With 4 kids and 2 cats (plus assorted other things running around here), I could fill that up in no time!

    Stumbled, Dugg, off to Mixx!

  10. Wow this is an amazing frame, "supports memory card, up to 1000 images, HDMI output, auto image correction, Bluetooth® ready, auto image rotation"! This digital frame rocks! 🙂 Thank you.

  11. I like that you can change the way photos are displayed: "Display your photos as a single image, in thumbnail view for quick searching, or as a slideshow."

  12. First let me say A Packer fan living in Ill. lol I used to live in Johnsburg, Ill. real close to Green Bay territory and the fighting amonst Bears/Packer fans was awesome 🙂

    I have always wanted one of these I love the 1000 pictures ability as well as the HDMI (hubby is a tech person and this is always the all important thing lol)

    Placed contest on my blog at

    And subscribed to feed 🙂

  13. My favorite feature is the Blue Tooth Compatibility. I have been looking for a digital frame since we bought them for our parents last Christmas. I love watching photos of my children on them. Right now I just use my screensaver on my computer!

  14. I like that it can hold up to 1000 photos. I want to get one for my mom and put all her grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids pictures on it.

    I voted at : Digg, Propeller, Mixx, Kirtsy, Entreview, & Blogging Zoom. Reddit wouldn't let me register 🙁 I also stumbled it. I'm already subscribed to your blog 🙂

  15. I love that it has the capability to hold so many photo's! I also love the clock and calender feature. Thanks so much for this giveaway. What an awesome prize!!! Thank you.

  16. I love that it holds so many pictures and auto corrects them too. My girls are on vacation now and I get photo updates everyday. It would be great to be able to display them all.

    I've stumbled, twittered: and getting ready to digg now 🙂

    I'll be posting on my blog too. I'll come back to leave you the URL.

  17. I have so many pictures of my two grandsons, 5 and 2, I could fill it up. How wonderful to have 1000 pictures at your fingertips.

  18. LOVE THE 1000 IMAGES !!!! Oh wow what a nice frame, never have seen one that holds 1000 images- this looks sweet along with the remote. I am a subscriber too

  19. I love this frame because it allows you to run pictures from a USB device and will allow you to play up to 1000 pictures. I also love that there is a remote so when family visits they can scroll to pictures that they would like to view.

  20. I think the Auto Correction feature sounds great. When it comes to electronics, anything automatic sounds good to me.

  21. I love the fact that it is compatible with my HDTV! Auto Rotation and large image capacity doesn't hurt either. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. *I LOVE the fact that the Sony Digital Frame supports memory cards. When it comes to cameras, frames and even games, I look at memory cards as sort of like photo albums; a place for safekeeping.

    **I have stumbled ;

    ***I am an email subscriber.

    Thanks for the giveaway: especially since you didn't get one 🙁

  23. Nice Contest! The only feature interesting about this frame is the 9" LCD screen. It's enough big to hold your favourite girlfriend/boyfriend, family, friends. The capacity to play it in slideshow it's a big plus! 😀

  24. With our new baby due in December this would be excellent to put up new pictures we take of him as he grows. The auto image correction sounds awesome because I can never seem to get the focus just right. I also love that it hold so many images. Seems like such a great item. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. What a great giveaway, thanks! I like the Plug and Play feature of this Digital Photo frame because like you I don't read manuals.

  26. I like the auto image correction, many different photo displacy options too. Also the fact that it is Bluetooth ready. Really do not think there is anything about it that I do not like.

  27. I think my favorite feature would be that it has 512 MB of storage. This would really allow you to keep a lot of different photos on there. Too cool! Thanks for the contest!

  28. My son has a camera so now he can load 1000 family pics for me to watch like a picture show or stop the pic & have it hold for a good look. Also, one can use more chips…more pics.

  29. I subscribed to your e-mail and DUGG you! My favorite feature on this frame is that it holds up to 1000 images – that is so cool! Thank you so much!

  30. I love the auto correction feature. Even though I use the red eye reduction, I still end up with some photos with the dreaded red eye! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. i love that the memory is upgradeable. the autoimage rotation is an awsome feature too. Did I mention it's blue tooth compatible. wow ain't that great?

  32. 1,000 images… that sounds awesome! I've always wanted a digital frame, especially for my desk at work where I don't have much space for picture frames, but a ton of pictures I'd love to share.

    I've stumbled and dugg as well 🙂

  33. I love the auto correction feature. This thing not only displays up to a thousand photos, it also corrects flaws in exposure and lighting.

  34. I love the fact that this is BlueTooth ready. Please enter me in this fantastic contest….I also stumbled your site, thanks.

  35. I love the image rotation– I tend to rotate my camera when taking pictures and this would be wonderful!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! =)

  36. I like the number of images it can hold I think thats a great feature and also that its easy to load images ( for those of us who arent that proficient in doing those type of applications) but since its plug n play what cant be easier than that, all I can say now is WOW what a great contest with a great prize and would love to win it, thanks for the chance to enter, good luck to all

  37. i like the warranty that it has for 1 yr. Reason being if you have a frame like this i am gonna want to keep it on all the time. If by some chance i should burn the thing out, I'll know i'll be covered. Sony makes good products so i know if i win i'm not going to lose any sleep!

  38. I love that the frame can accept direct input from cameras and memory media, as well as over Bluetooth. This makes it much more portable and convenient.

  39. I'm loving that I can correct red eye and such on the photos without having to edit them on my laptop first, then move them over. Whoo hoo! I love simplicity!

  40. There are so many things to love about this frame! The amount of pics it can hold and the Auto Correction are probably my two favorite.

  41. I like the memory card feature, we use several types in different cameras so it is nice to plug in as we seem fit.

    I Stumbled this post and subscribed to your feed in my Yahoo reader.

  42. I would love to have this frame! I like the fact that it comes with a remote, it can hold up to 1000 images and that it's bluetooth capable. Thank you!!

  43. I like that it's a 9-inch frame. My friend has one that's a 5 1/2 and it just seems a bit small. I'd love to win this! 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  44. Love the Auto Orientation sensor which automatically selects portrait or landscape view depending on the horizontal or vertical placement of the frame. This is good as I tend to take pictures in both formats.

  45. I'm commenting, I subscribed to your e-mail and I think I stumbled, but I'm not sure if it went through… it's being kind of annoying right now.

  46. I like the image rotation so that you never get bored looking at the same photo. I have a rotation as my screen saver on the computer and I love to sit on my bed and watch all the pictures.

  47. I like the Auto Correction feature: I have a horrible time with red-eye…when I try to fix it, sometimes I black out the person's eyes. I'm pretty sure Sony will do a better job.

    I also Stumbled your post (stumbleupon username:auntiethesis).

  48. up to 1,000 images! and even tho I know nothing about bluetooth……I know that being Bluetooth ready would be something my husband would think was cool. LOL

  49. I like that it has memory and can correct red eye… thanks for the awesome giveaway! I have always wanted to get one of these!

  50. I love that you can put your memory card in or hook up your digital camera directly to the frame. I've really been wanting one of these! Hope to win.

  51. I have seen these in the stores and they are super cool. I actually love best that they can be a clock (if you want a more professional look) and then can be switched back to pictures when you have clients around.

  52. Wow – I like how you can increase its memory to hold even more pics! How fun! Since I own a digital camera, I can see why they included that function – I can take up to 100 pics in one afternoon at an outing! 🙂

  53. Wow, this is not your ordinary digital picture frame! I have four kids and I take a ton of pictures, so my favorite features are the amazing memory (1000 pictures!) and the fact that it is HD compatible so I can hook it up to the TV to show off my slideshow!

  54. I visited Sony's site and my favorite feature on the frame is the Bluetooth capability so you can easily transfer photos from a phone to the frame!

  55. auto image correction- i didn't even know that frames could do that! would be perfect for automatically taking red eye out of photos which everyone can agree is super annoying!

  56. let you display photos from Bluetooth devices and camera phones. I love this . I would absolutely love to have one of these for our boys pictures.

  57. I like the fact that it takes so many different memory cards. My husband's memory card is different than mine. It'd be nice not have to buy different cards. Thanks for the great contest!

  58. Wow, would love to win this. I really like that it corrects pictures and my most favorite is the amount of photo it can hold. Awesome prize, thanks for the chance.

  59. My favorite feature is FREE! Oh…wait thats not a feature. I like that I can store 1000 pics on this fabulous gadget! Thanks!

  60. Oh, I just love being able to plug one of my camera's memory cards in the frame and let it do all the work. It would be great for displaying the events of this school year. Put my name in the hat.

  61. The quick search feature would come in handy for as many pics as it holds. I would love this frame for spacesaving reasons.

  62. Best part for me is that it supports memory cards. I'd love to have one of these for all our family pictures – and being able to search is really cool.

  63. great frame! I love the fact that it can hold so many pictures and the auto image rotation.

    I stumbled you.
    I kirtsied.
    I tweeted about it. (twitter name Workoutmommy)
    and subscribed to your feed.

    Thank you!

  64. The Auto Orientation sensor which automatically selects portrait or landscape view depending on the horizontal or vertical placement of the frame. Perfect! So many times I want to view a picture and it happens to be vertical, I always have to rotate it manually and it is such a pain!

  65. I "thumbs upped" this post in StumbleUpon. I also subbed to your blog's feed.

    I like this product because I can use my camera's memory card with it!

  66. My favorite feature is the HDMI connection. That would be so cool to connect it to the tv. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  67. I love the auto correction feature as I'm not the best photographer in the world. Such an awesome prize and have been wanting one so bad for such a long time now! Thanks!

  68. I like that it is compatible with most digital cameras, so you can load pictures straight from your camera without your computer!

  69. I love that it displays up to 1,000 photos! I have tons of digital photos. We bought our first camera probably 11 years ago — less than 1mp per image and it used floppy disks — and we recently upgraded to a compact new 6mp camera. Over the years, we've taken a lot of photos of our cats, the occasional vacation, family events, my husband's artwork, the plays I've directed, and it would be so, so cool to be able to display our very favorite photos all the time. It would be really awesome to be able to hook the frame up to our TV, too, and play the images on the big screen. Great for when we have people over.

  70. I love that it displays up to 1,000 photos! I have tons of digital photos. We bought our first camera probably 11 years ago — less than 1mp per image and it used floppy disks — and we recently upgraded to a compact new 6mp camera. Over the years, we've taken a lot of photos of our cats, the occasional vacation, family events, my husband's artwork, the plays I've directed, and it would be so, so cool to be able to display our very favorite photos all the time. It would be really awesome to be able to hook the frame up to our TV, too, and play the images on the big screen. Great for when we have people over.

    I blogged about this:

  71. I can't pick one – both the number of photos it holds and that it takes different memory sticks are terrific features. Thanks for the giveaway, too.

  72. Oh my favorite feature has to be the Plug-and-play! I'd love not having to go through the computer, and I HATE changing photos in frames, so this would make that task so much easier!

    I've subscribed to your RSS feed!

  73. I'm all about reducing clutter, so I love that it displays up to a thousand photos but you only have one photo frame to keep shiny!

    I blogged about it here! Twittered (I'm skeeterbess at Twitter,) Dugg and Stumbled and subscribed to your RSS feed. Left a comment at Kirtsy, but couldn't find a voting button. Credit for commenting?

    Please let me win! Please?

  74. The features I really liked best were the 9" display and the auto correction feature. I love digital frames and am determined to eventually get one. lol

  75. I LOVE the fact that it not only has a large internal memory, but can let me transfer photos from my phone as well!
    What a great frame! Overall this is great.

  76. The auto rotation feature is handy as well as the bluetooth ready feature.
    thanks for the giveaway!
    Posted a comment. 🙂
    I digg-ed you. (cokelush)
    Reddit-ed you (cokelush)
    and I subbed to your feed.

  77. I like the number of photos it can hold, and that its memory is upgradeable to hold more. Also the fact that you can view pictures in slide show.

  78. Both of my daughters take hundreds of photos. They've both traveled quite a bit. I love that this holds so many photos and allows you to upgrade and hold more.

  79. Plenty of versatility/flexibility. I like the variety of input – camera, various cards, Bluetooth, and the auto orientation sensor. – oh, and the thumbnails too.

  80. This sounds like a marvelous Digital Photo Frame. I can input from my digital camera or memory card and it has special features to enhance photo quality. It's easy to set up and simple to operate. I love it!

  81. i like the thumbnail viewing so you can choose which one you are tryiing to show someone. there isn't anything I don't like about it. I really want one.

  82. My favorite feature is the Auto Correction features. Since I'm not the best photographer in the world, it helps when I can use a feature like this to correct red-eye or under exposure.

  83. 1000 photo capacity – WOW! That is a darned lot of memories. I have given these for gifts and giveaways at trade shows, but still don't have one for me. Would love it!

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  84. I love that you can upgrade the memory if you want and I love the idea of a remote control. Great giveaway!

    oreo89 [at] gmail [dot] com

  85. I love the great size (perfect for the desk) and that you can hold a whopping 1,000 images!!! That is perfect, especially for someone like me who lives to take pictures.

    I have always wanted one of these. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  86. I love the idea of being able to digitally display my photos, but I also like the auto correction feature. What more could you ask for?

  87. The feature I like best on the frame is that it has 512 MB of internal memory with optional image resizing to maximize internal memory. Wow!

  88. Always wanted one of these. What I love the most about this is it stores up to 1,000 images and you can hook up to your compatible HDTV for giant-screen slideshows.

  89. I bought my parents a digital frame and now I want one for myself. Because my photography nneds help I really like the auto image correction feature. Great prize–I Stumbled you.

  90. I would love one of these! It looks like something you need when you have grandchildren. I might be tempted to put it in my purse and make everyone I meet look at it. LOL

  91. I like the fact that it takes memory cards. I would give it to my father and then send him a new memory card every six months.

  92. HDMI™ connection lets you share images and slideshows on a compatible HDTV in Full HD! That rocks! I can take this with me as a quick family show at Thanksgiving!

  93. I really like digital Slide show…… I would love this for my Mom… I am adopting and she lives out of state would make a great Christmas gift for a new grandma

  94. I love the 512 MB2 internal storage capacity. That's a lot of pictures. I would be able to keep my husband's frame loaded with lots of fun, new pics of the kids.

  95. 1000 pics! Auto rotate, wow those are my two favorite features, but honestly, I don't see anything that I don't love about this frame, it is awesome.

  96. I just got married and have 1000's wedding photots this will make it easier to decided which ones I want to dispay!! Thanks for such a great giveaway

  97. My favorite feature is that it store up to 1,000 1.5 MP photos!! Wow…My mind is running with all of my favorite photos I could have on this thing!!
    Thanks for the chance to WIN!!
    😀 😀 😀

  98. Photos display…Display your photos as a single image, in thumbnail view for quick searching, or as a slideshow. This is such a great feature!

  99. I love the red eye correction feature, that would be quite handy. I also like that I can connect it to my TV and view pictures that way as well. Thanks!

  100. I love that it has a remote control! This is the first I have heard of one of these that has a remote control! Thanks for the awesome giveaway1

  101. The auto orientation is nice! (No going through and rotating pictures first!) I also love the remote control! Very nice!

  102. I like that it can hold a 1000 pictures. The auto correction feature also looks nice for over/under exposure correction. Anything that can make the picture better automatically gets my vote for "great" feature.


  103. I love the fact that it holds tons of photos and that it is so easy to use. I would love a frame like that!! Always wanted one, but they are soo expensive to buy!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  104. This has a lot of great features, but the best feature is the auto sizing that lets you store up to 1,000 photos… VeRy CoOl !!!!

  105. I love the fact that this frame has the "auto image rotation" feature. That means it makes the photo fit the frame without me having to figure it out on my own! lol That's a huge bonus! I love that it's bluetooth equipped too.

    I'm also a subscriber to your blog! 🙂

  106. GREAT GIVEAWAY…I loveso many things about it: that it shows pictures in a slideshow, single image or thumnail for quick fing of a picture, it adjusts the picture to fit the screen correctly and the size of the upgradeable memory card just to name a few. I want to win this so bad!

  107. well so many good features the storage capacity auto great picture quality and blue tooth and its a sony i have been looking really nice

  108. I like the Photos display
    Display your photos as a single image, in thumbnail view for quick searching, or as a slideshow.

  109. Love the option to add additional photos with the memory stick, as I have several of those lying around from an old digital camera that died on me.

  110. My favorite feature of the The Sony Digital Photo Frame is Sony's high-performance BIONZ image processor automatically optimizes your photos, including correction for focus, re-eye, skin tone, and exposure. Simply display the image you want to correct, select AUTO TOUCHUP from the menu, and save the corrected image as a new file. The Sony Digital Photo Frame even saves original copy. Many times when I capture an image it is on the fly, candid shots that I don't have time to think about ahead of time and before I take the picture. I am trying to achieve that special moment in time and sometimes once that moment is taken there needs to be some tweeking to make it perfect. That's why I like this feature of being able to correct the little mistakes in order to make it the best possible image.

  111. I like that there are so many different slideshow options, so you can change it up once in a while. Also the different memory card options is great, so no matter whose camera took the picture you can add it to your frame. Fabulous prize! My daughter is leaving for college in 4 days and we just went through so many old pictures that I'd love to display all in one place like this, as a nice memory of the younger years until now – kind of watch her grow up in a slide show.

  112. I like that you can hook it to HDTV for giant screen slideshows.That's a fabulous idea.Then the whole family can veiw.Thank you for this great giveaway!

  113. I really like how the frames scroll to the next picture and on most frames you can control the timing of how fast it does scroll.
    Thanks for the contest!

  114. Wow thing have really changed since the instantmatic camera… I have got to try to get me one of these. I really like the clear Large 9”1 wide (15:9) LCD display and of course the slidshow so you can see more than 1 picture. Thanks for the givaway and please put my name in. Thanks

  115. I love the fact that it can hold up to 1000 images. This digital frame rocks!
    Thank you for sponsoring this sweepstakes! It is very generous of you!!! Wishing you continued success!

  116. I love the Slideshow so you can see more than 1 picture and the Large 9”1 wide (15:9) LCD display Thanks for a nice givaway and please put my name in.

  117. Slide shows. Ten variations, including Fade, Wipe, Center Cross, Vertical Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Multiple Image, Clock/Image, Calendar/Image, and Random.

  118. What a great great great giveaway, I think the best feature I like about this frame is that it's bluetooth ready…That's really cool.

    I also stumbled this post

    I subscribe to your feed via google reader.


  119. I love that fact that it is Plug and Play. Also that it can be viewed as a slideshow. What a wonderful prize for anyone!

  120. Definitely the quick find feature. my aunt has a digital frame and every time it goes right back to the beginning when she turns it off. Having the find feature would really help in finding your place where you left off! Thanks for the chance to win this. (I also subscribed to your rss feed.)

  121. I like the auto correction feature on this frame. It says that it will take out red-eye and that seems to be a big problem for me. I also like the remote control feature. I guess I'm lazy and like red eyes. Thanks for the contest.

  122. I would love this for my dad, so we could put family pics on it and send it to him and all he has to do is watch to see all of us on the autorotate feature

  123. since i bought a digital camera, i havent printed 85% of the pictures i took and i dont really have a way to show them to friends!
    i really like that it can hold so many pictures!!!
    I also like that it has a remote!!
    thank you!

  124. The best features are that it can hold a 1000 pictures and that it has auto correction for under/over exposed pictures. Thanks.

  125. I need one of these so bad I am tired of looking at my photos on the camera I don't have anywhere to store them and have been too lazy to have them printed. This would be my answer.

  126. With the number of photos it holds, I could fit every picture on my camera card on it! If I win one contest this year, let it be this one!!!

  127. I don't know if I made the cutoff I hope that I did. I love that the memory can be expanded. I would love to have this to display the pictures of my loved ones. Thank You for the fantastic giveaway.

  128. I like the fact that it has a calendar mode. I can only imagine what it can do. The auto red eye connection is cool too.

  129. Provides auto image correction to improve photos through features such as red-eye correction.

    That is a great feature, especially if you just want pictures and don't have the software to manipulate them. Or don't even have a computer.

  130. I think the auto image correction is a great feature. Most people only get one shot at a memory and if it's not as good as you'd hoped this little feature will come in very handy.

  131. I like the fact that it takes lots of different memory cards. That makes things a lot easier. Thanks for the great contest!

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