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Sorel Boots

I live in Chicago where we have crappy winters. Really, we do. We have lots of snow and lots of cold here.  That being said, to get through a Chicago winter you need a great quality boot.  Sorel fits that bill.  They make their boots for purpose first.  I have admit I loved all the women's boots.  It was really hard for me to decide which boot I wanted to go with.  I love the high boots, but my legs are short and they tend to look dorky on me.  These boots aren't high, but are perfect for me instead.  I love that they have handles for my to pull on (with two kids I really hate having to tie anything).  They are super comfortable and warm too!  They also don't make my feet look fat (all you women out there know what I mean about how winter boots can sometimes make your feet look a lot bigger than they are).  I love that they are fashionable too!  These will be the boots I pick Madison up from school with once the snow falls.

I love that Sorel gets that boots can be fashionable and serve a purpose too!  I can't wait for it to snow!


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10 thoughts on “Sorel Boots

  1. I've been looking at these, but waiting for a review. Thanks for you thought on the Sorel Boots.

    I live just south of Chicago, down the road from the RT 66 Raceway and we do get the snow.

  2. I had a pair of Sorel boots and they were the best I ever owned. I really need to get another pair to get me thru these crappy WI winters!

  3. I've always been a fan of LL Bean's duck boots – the hightops, not the shoe version. While they are great for sloppy winters in the northeast, they are not the best insulated boots in the world (at least not my pair). The sorels look good; I think the rubber lower probably works quite well.

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