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Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center

The latest Special Agent Oso line captures the action, adventure and spirit of the Disney Junior on Disney Channel preschool series starring a teddy bear named Oso, a bumbling, lovable, special agent-in-training, who enlists the help of viewers at home to complete his special assignments. Oso does his best to serve U.N.I.Q.U.E. (United Network for Investigating Quite Usual Events), an international organization of stuffed animals charged with helping kids accomplish everyday tasks such as mailing a letter, cleaning their rooms and learning how to use the library.

Will is a huge Agent Oso fan, so the Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center was a huge hit at my house.  Will literally carries it around to the room he wants to play with it in.  I love that it hold his interest for long periods of time.  It's also made so that your kids can't break it (I won't say if its been dropped on the floor and managed NOT to break).  Your kids can press the button for lights and sounds (which aren't too annoying) or slide the platform back and forth.  If you put Agent Oso in front of the cockpit, the door will open for you.  You can also expand the central car and back hatch!  There are so many special features with this (besides the ones I mention.  Hint:  You can do something really cool with the motorcycle).

Will loves the Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center!

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