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I Spy Bag

ispyI am always on the lookup for things that will keep Madison occupied. As a kid who is easily bored, getting her to sit for any length of time is like pulling teeth most days.  However, I have come across a really cool I Spy Bag.  This is a great way to keep your kids occupied, and they will have hours of fun with this.  In this bag, there is 50 items, they have to find in there (I know, it's hard to believe that there is 50 items in there, but there is).  There is everything from a crayon (so make sure you don't leave this in the car) to a candle to a bell.  I've even had a lot of fun trying to find all these items.  For us, this is great for our car trips to Green Bay (that's a 4 hour drive for us).  It really keeps her busy.

I love this I Spy Bag.  Madison is a huge I Spy (aff) fan and this is a great fit for her!


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