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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review With A Storm Troopers Cupcakes Recipe


Storm Troopers Cupcakes Final 7

Star Wars The Force Awakens holds up to all the hype and all the craziness we’ve seen over the last year. It’s one of those movies that will stand the test of time just like the 7 movies before it. (Side note: I highly recommend a bathroom stop before the movie, because you will have to go again before the movie is over. I think the movie clocks in at 2 hours and 16 minutes.) There will be no spoilers in this Star Wars The Force Awakens review, so I’m going to do my best to tell you why you need to go see this movie.

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The Force Awakens is set approximately 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. I was impressed with the fact that I could jump right back into this story. It helps that the film is produced by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and his long-time collaborator Bryan Burk. Abrams co-wrote the film with Lawrence Kasdan, who co-wrote the original trilogy films The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi. I feel like The Force Awakens looks like those past films. John Williams, the composer for the previous six films, returned to compose the score, so this film even sounds like the past movies. With all that said, I feel that even without a Star Wars background, you can watch this film with zero issues. However, there were several nods to the fans of the past films. You’ll know them when you see them and will make you want to review the 6 previous films again before you go see it again.

We learn that the Rebel Alliance has now become the Resistance, but they are still fighting the dark side. The Galactic Empire is now the First Order. We have new characters with Finn (John Boyega as a redeemed First Order stormtrooper), Rey (Daisy Ridley as a scavenger on the desert planet Jakku), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac as a Resistance X-wing fighter pilot), and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver as a commander of the First Order) along with characters returning from previous Star Wars films: Harrison Ford as Han Solo, Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa among a few more I’d rather you be surprised with. I can’t tell you any more of the plot without spoiling the entire film for you.

What I can tell you is that The Force Awakens will keep you on the edge of your seat (and you may jump a few times). The film was a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be. It made me nostalgic for the old films, but definitely left me wanting more (I cannot wait for the next 2 films to come out). They did an excellent job setting up the next movie with The Force Awakens. Since you will be begging for more when you leave the theater, I’ve included a Storm Trooper recipe with my Star Wars The Force Awakens review to enjoy either before, during, or after you watch The Force Awakens!

Star Wars Storm Troopers

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  • Mix your cake mix as directed or us your favorite homemade cake recipe.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees (F). Line your cupcake tin with cupcakes holders and set aside.
  • Spoon the cake batter into the cupcake liners (filling about ½ way each) and bake for about 18-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool completely, and then frost.
  • While the cupcakes are cooling prepare your storm troopers (marshmallows). After testing these, I found it was much easier to make the faces with the black food grade marker. First add a line across the top, and then make two triangles for the eyes. Add the mouth and breathing lines off to the side to complete your Storm Trooper.
  • Generously frost each cupcake, for easy frosting I use a cupcake decorating set. Carefully add your Storm Troopers in the center of the cupcake.
  • Enjoy!
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
The Black Wilton Frosting, Food Grade Marker in Black, and cake decorating kit can all be found on Amazon.

Will you be seeing Star Wars The Force Awakens?

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