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Starting my weight loss journey

Okay, I am putting myself on a diet.  Ok, not quite a diet.  It is a new product called Sensa.  I'll be honest — I'd love to lose about a hundred pounds.  However, at this point, I would like any sort of weight loss.  My goal is to do an update post each week.  If I don't, somebody clock me upside my head and remind me.  Sensa is a product that allows you to eat whatever you want.  However, it helps with your portion control.  All you do is shake a some of the Sensa on your food everytime you eat, and it does it's magic.

I weighed myself this morning, so I know my starting weight (no, I am not listing it here) and I took some pictures (well, my mom was here and took them):

So I guess we can call these the “before” pictures.  I've watched the DVD that came with the Sensa, and it said that some women don't see a change until 3 months into this.  I hope that isn't me.  I am all for instant results.  The first thing I have noticed is that the Sensa makes my food taste better.  Now, I plan on mostly keeping to my normal lifestyle, and we will see if this works for me.  If you'd like to join me on this journey, use ROCKETXL to get 15% off your order (no minimum order either) and you'll get free shipping too.

5 thoughts on “Starting my weight loss journey

  1. Well, I went to the website and it does actually make sense to me. There's been plenty of times when I was doing the cooking and ended up loosing my appetite by the time I was finished. It was either because I was smelling the food for so long or just bad cooking :). Anyway, I hope you follow up on this and let us know if it has helped you to lose weight.

  2. What worked for me. I lost 9 lbs in one month by cutting out pretty much all bad food and drinking a lot of water. it's really not that hard its really your mind set and trust me i love sweets. after about a week i had no cravings. also i worked out about 50 min a day totaling 500 calories lost. its all about getting on a plan that works for you and stick to it, it gets easier.

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