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Ultimate Spinner Game

Ever wanted a game that your kids can grow into? Or would you want a game that will take them years to outgrow?  If you want both of these things, then you definitely need to get your hands on the Ultimate Spinner game.  This game is for kids 4 and up, and I can see us playing with The Ultimate Spinner game for years. This game is 12 games in one!  I know we have been able reinforce a lot of what we are teaching Madison with this game.  They work with the alphabet and numbers.  Some of the more advance things (that we will eventually work toward are the math equations and telling time.  There are rules that come with the games.  However, I love the fact that there are “Considering Tender Hearts” rules.  These rules are for those little ones who don't have the attention span for an entire game.  There is also enough things in here that they can make up their own games!  I know Madison liked that the best with this!  I also love that the game is very brightly colored and everything is made with good quality material.  For those of us who are worried about foreign products, have no fear.  This game is made here in the United States in Maine by a family company who wanted to provide their grandchildren a game they didn't have to worry about.

I definitely see this being a top game this Christmas season.  Check it out and you won't be disappointed.

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  1. We wanted everyone to know that the price for the Original Ultimate Spinner has been lowered to $49.95. Thanks for the great review.

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