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Ever have one of those weeks? I started off the week getting sick. It hurt to breath but otherwise I felt fine (besides being a little worn out). Well, that is over. Now, I'm fully sick. Sore throat and a runny nose. Joy. At least I don't feel as if a bunch of construction equipment has parked on my chest.

We also had some gutter covering company come out last night. Holy cow is that stuff expensive. Our quote was over $1800! I told Bill for $1800 he could keep climbing up on the ladder. 🙂 We don't have trees with leaves. However, we do have pine trees, so our issue is pine needles. There aren't a whole lot of products on the market that keep those out of your gutters and do it well.

I'm also trying to get a ton of reviews up on Lisa Reviews before Christmas. I would much rather climb under a blanket (and I still just might). Lots of great giveaways coming over there too! (Hint: DS games for girls!).

I also have a ton of presents I need to get wrapped still for my kids, we still have to decorate the house, and we don't have our tree up either! I'm seeing a super busy weekend in my future!

What are your weekend plans? Have you managed not to get sick yet?

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