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The Alaskan Experiment

This is another new show on the Discovery Channel. I am not sure, but I think somebody did some market research and thought we need more shows about/in Alaska. Unfortunately, I have to disagree. I love Discovery Channel — I hate this show.  Honestly, I feel like I am watching Survivor.  If I wanted to watch that, I would tune into regular TV.  When I do find something interesting in the show, the people on it start whining again and ruin the moment.  I just find that The Alaskan Experiment annoys me more than anything.  I don't find it interesting enough to keep my attention.  (If you haven't seen the show, it is about a couple of teams that get dropped off in different parts of Alaska and they have to brave it on their own out there for 30 days).

Have you seen this show?  What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “The Alaskan Experiment

  1. It sucks. Those people are total idiots. The entire world sees those people and probably thinks all Americans are like that. We're not. If I was on that show, or any number of the guys and girls I run with…the show would be more of a documentary on a bunch of people living the adventure of their lives and doing well at it. There are thousands upon thousands of Americans who'd be very capable of doing the things to survive that these dolts struggle with.

    I find myself wishing these people would fall through ice or getting eaten by wolves and bears.

  2. Most Americans are so sheltered, that most don’t know what to do or how to survive. Even some of the simple things they are unable to do, believe it or not. It is easier to criticize a show than to actually be in it and experience it. People say you would have done differently but you don’t know until you are actually a part of it. The show is not like survivor which is simply competition and back stabbing for money. This was much more treacherous and it was more about the limits you could withstand and overcome. It’s sad to read that selfishness and narrow mindedness is still a very large part of who we are as a country.

    1. I am alaskan, the REAL deal, native….no the REAL native…indian. I dont have to watch such a idiotic show to tell you that its stupid!!!! Alaskans in general…the white kind are socially stunted, sheltered, stupid and living in their own warped idea of living. I too hope they sink in the ice !!! This state has become pathetic.

  3. I concur Pieriade1. As a former veteran of the armed forces and someone who was trained in survival techniques, the average American would not know how to survive. I watched the show from beginning to end and found that each of them were overcoming the biggest survivial challenge….their mind. I would rather give ratings to the Discovery Ch then to CBS and the glorified soap opera of Survivor. This was to me, spot on and it was put together by Survivorman.

    These contestants showed their true reliance on their inner self and each other when it came time for teamwork. Granted there were off site help there if needed, but it was there for legal reasons for the network.

    Nuff said 🙂

  4. This is entertainment pure and simple what DC is showing is how average everyday people with very little outdoor experience can exist and cope with Alaska’s extreme conditions. I have allot of experience backpacking, hunting and camping far away from the modern world and I have to say I like watching this show. I enjoyed how the groups managed there life in the wild when most were used to getting there SB coffee and playing on there blackberries.

    As we humans evolve we are less connected to the roots of our existence and this show allows the majority to view a life that many will never experience, I give props to DC and hope to see more shows like this.


    Wildomar, CA

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