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The Pediatric Cardiologist

I am not sure if you any of you even remember me posting about this, but when Will was born he had a hole in his heart. The pulmonary veins were also tight around his heart (I think it was something like this), and he had a heart murmur. When he was a little baby, we had to bring him in to be checked by the pediatric cardiologist. At that time, we were told that everything looked fine and that he would probably outgrow it. He was suppose to have a follow up in December, and bad mommy here forgot (you know they make Phentermine without a prescription now — you'd think they made me a drug that could help me remember important things like scheduling follow up visits!).  Well, we went today.  Good news though!  Everything looks great.  The hole closed up, the arteries are now normal, and the only thing we still have is a heart murmur.  However, I guess 50% of all children have this sort of murmur, and they outgrow it.  All in all, it was a good day.

3 thoughts on “The Pediatric Cardiologist

  1. That's great news, I'm glad he's ok. My co-worker's daughter who is 3 has a murmur but doctor's say as long as she is followed by regularly there is nothing to worry about.

  2. That is AWESOME news!!! My daughter's cardiologist appointment is in August. She has Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome, which we found out about when she was 7 weeks old. The worst day of my life… we almost lost her. They say that it is possible to be outgrown by the age of one, but EXTREMELY unlikely. We're praying and praying and praying that when she goes to her appointment that it's gone. Hey, miracles sometimes do happen, and it sounds to me like it did for you.

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