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The Plan For My Uterus

For those who have been following along, I've got an update and a plan we will be following from here on out (if you haven't been following, read here. The post has the links to the older posts too).

My post op appointment went well.  My uterus looked good and they pretty much don't know why I'm having the problems I am.  However, we did set up a game plan for when this happens again.  I am currently on the same birth control as before, and we are keeping our fingers crossed.  If this quits working again,  I am to quit taking it.  We then are going to see if my body fixes itself.  If that doesn't work (which I personally am 99% sure it won't), I'll be having an ablation done.  Everything I read on the internet wasn't right, and it really is the next step, because my only other choice after this is a partial hysterectomy which is major surgery.  This is a plan that me, the doctor, and Bill have all signed off on.

So we are in wait and see mode which sucks, but what else can I do?

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