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Thunder Birds

My kids are bird lovers which is why Thunder Birds is a huge hit in my house. In Thunder Birds: Nature’s Flying Predators, Jim Arnosky has created a breathtaking, detailed, and eye-opening beginner’s field guide with more than sixty life-size winged predators— from hawks to herons, and ospreys to owls. The coolest part (well, my kids thought it was very cool) is that many of the pages fold out, so you can see the birds in true size! I love the details you get to learn about these birds too (I even learned why there are no feathers on a vulture's head).  This book is also written at a level that both my kids could follow along.  Madison, my 7 year old, had no problem reading it herself.  If anything, it made her even more interested, because she could read it!  He rolled up fun and learning into this one great book.

Thunder Birds is a must have book if you or your kids are a bird lover, naturalist, or if you just want a good read!

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