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I don't know if you live in a state that charges tolls, but I do.  We have this great thing called IPass which allows us to put a transponder in our car.  This allows us not to have to pay double when we drive through tolls.  We also don't have to stop.  However, I have a small little gripe.  I just got an email from them at 11:40 pm.  Yes, that's what time it is right now.  It was to tell me that the credit card they were trying to charge was declined (which I knew – we canceled it).  Here's where my problem comes in.  I went to go change which credit card gets billed and find out we have 20 cents left in the account.  Bill would have went to work tomorrow and not had his IPass work if I wouldn't have been online right now.  How crazy is that?  I thought they were suppose to notify me when the account balance got down to $10.  I guess not.  I could only imagine the phone call I would have gotten.

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  1. i am glad we dont have toll booths here.they have been talking about putting one in on the major bridges.i hope they dont because i am sure it will not be cheap!

  2. That is so…not right! It's a good thing you discovered the problem when you did, or I think your hubby would have been extremely upset!

  3. I've recently moved out west (from MA, king of the toll states) where there are no toll roads, and still feel out of sorts. I mean, what do you do with that extra $3.45 when it's not spent getting to PA? I still haven't decided….It is a lot easier getting lost out though. At home whenever I got lost, not only did I feel a little stupid, but it also cost me .50. One time I went through the same booth 3 times. The guy finally told me to just go ahead. Haha. In MA it's called EZPass. However EZ they designed it to be, I had to call the office a couple times a week to fix things for my boss. I think they LIKE to trick us.

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