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At some point, every beachgoer has experienced trouble with the wind ripping away their beach towel or struggled with trying to hang that wet suit or beach towel up to dry on less-than ideal surfaces.  My inlaws have a pool, so we have this problem all the time.  Originally designed to hold your beach towel securely in place, either in the sand or on your beach chair, the Toweligator’s practical uses are endless (beach, pool, boat, etc).  As you can see, not only did we use it to hold the towel to the beach chair, we've also used it to keep the beach towels on the kids!  The bendable alligator grips tightly with its mouth onto a beach towel or accessory and wraps firmly with its tail to secure it down into the sand or to a chair.  You can also stick it straight into the beach to keep cell phones, reading glasses, or ipods safe from the sand.

My mother in law loves these.  It's one of the those items where you go — why didn't I think of that?  I love that it is easy enough for the kids to use, and that it works extremely well.  Another plus is that they come in different colors, so your kids won't fight over them (who am I kidding — they'll find something else to fight about then!).

If you spend a lot of time at the beach or by a pool, the Toweligator is a must get item!

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