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Update: Eyeball

I managed not to stick a fork in my eye last night until I got to my eye doctor appointment. Unfortunately, Tuesdays and Thursday are big driving days for me due to taking and picking up Madison from preschool. The good news is that I don't have to start looking for cheap auto insurance, because I got us there and back in one piece. Madison did get a letter sent home (aff) by her teacher's that the morning class had a case of pink eye.

I went to my eye appointment last night and guess what I have.  Pink Eye!  No contacts for the next week, and I now have eye drops.  Knocking on wood that nobody else in the house gets this!

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8 thoughts on “Update: Eyeball

  1. Ow…in the past few years, I've been extremely prone to pink eye. I think I've had it three times in BOTH eyes, so I feel for you. Whatever you do, don't rub!

  2. This is my third bout of Pink Eye in two months…well, Saturday's was three…now it's in the other eye, and we are going to call that FOUR! Mine isn't contagious though…it's allergies…but what a pain, literally! Good luck with yours! It's always hard with little ones.

  3. Yup, pink eye sucks and is sooo contagious. Did the doc tell you to do anything to your contacts? Just to be sure you don't reinfect the eye once you get rid of it. Because that would be BEYOND sucky. 😉

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