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Welcome to the Zoo

That is what my house feels like this week. I have so much to get done and no time to do it in. Here is a short list:

  1. New mattresses getting delivered tomorrow
  2. Need to clean bedroom for mattresses
  3. Need to clean rest of house while I am at it
  4. Do I need to clean under the bed?
  5. Need to look at all the Christmas presents I already bought and write them down.
  6. Wrap the Christmas presents that need to go to Green Bay with us
  7. Pack for Green Bay
  8. Go to chiropractor tonight
  9. Work on posts
  10. Freelance work
  11. Get up into the attic and pick out winter clothes that need to come downstairs
  12. Bring down Size 5 shirts for Madison since everything seems to short on her
  13. Put clothes that I am handing down to Kait in a bag to take to Green Bay
  14. Go to Best Buy and look at video cameras and iPod accessories that would allow us to play the iPod in the car speakers.

Ok, that's what I can think of off the top of my head. You know, I may come back to this post and add things and strike them off as I do them. I am so smart sometimes. LOL 🙂

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