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What Kinds Of Pictures Are You Posting Online?

As somebody who moved 4 hours away from her family and who is a blogger, I tend to overshare a bit. When I started as a blogger, I knew we were putting my kids out there. It is a decision I made, because it made it easier to share what's going on with my kids lives with my family and friends in Wisconsin. There also wasn't products out there like outmywindowTM or Out My Window App on iTunes that allow you to post pictures of your kids online and only have the people you want see them.

I see a lot of people posting their kid pictures on Facebook. What a lot of parents don't realize is that people other than those you want can still see those pictures most of the time. It just takes me commenting on it, and now all of my Facebook friends can see them too. Plus, Facebook and the like constantly change their policies and settings, so you never really know who can see what.

I often do not publish pictures of my kids if there are other kids in the picture (and I don't have permission from them to post it on the internet). That stinks a lot of the time, because my family doesn't get to see those pictures unless they are right here with me then. When they were babies, I didn't want to post bath pictures even if they were cute. Heck, I've got an awesome picture from when we went to New York of Will sleeping. However, his seatbelt blended in with his clothes, so it doesn't look like he had one on (and he did). I didn't feel like arguing with people that he really did have it on.

outmywindowTM allows you to choose who sees your photos. What photos do you think you would use this service with? Your kids? Your pets? Your new house?

“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘outmywindow™.'”

2 thoughts on “What Kinds Of Pictures Are You Posting Online?

  1. I always joke that I have my FB on lockdown because you really don't know who's out there. I'm pretty alert when it comes to privacy settings and I don't tag people for the sole reason that friends of the tagged can see my stuff, even if I don't want them to. So in regards to our children, you can't be too safe and it's best not to overuse Four Square or the check-ins for certain places.

  2. That is pretty spiffy software. It is always better to be safe than sorry! I always feel uncomfortable sharing too much, even as a blogger. My husband is a computer engineer and is always getting on me about 'over sharing'.

    Also, I left an Alexa review for you as well as part of Alexa Mania 🙂

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