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What’s been happening – Part II – Strabismus

Madison had an eye exam on Tuesday. This was just suppose to a follow up from about 3 (aff) months ago. Around Christmas time, my sister-in-law noticed that Madison was crossing her eyes. I noticed it on and off, but completely forgot about it. When we were at her doctor for her 3 (aff) year old checkup, she started doing it there. We were referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist. We went there in Feb., and were told to come back at the beginning of May.

I thought we'd walk in and walk out and be done with this. I have noticed her doing it more. I also noticed that she does it a lot when she is tired. Well, I don't know if she did it there, but she was diagnosed with strabismus. Her vision has also gotten worse since Feb.

Strabismus is a visual defect in which the eyes are misaligned and point in different directions. The eye turn can be constant or it may come a go. Normally, both eyes aim at the same spot. The brain then combines the two pictures into a single three-dimensional image. This image gives us depth perception. When one eye turns out of alignment, two different pictures are transmitted to the brain. In a young child (like Madison), the brain learns to ignore the image of the misaligned eye and sees only the image from the straight or better seeing eye. The child then loses depth perception.

Good vision develops during childhood when both eyes have normal alignment. Strabismus may cause reduced vision in the misaligned eye which is called amblyopia. Amblyopia can be treated by patching the “good” eye to strengthen and improve vision in the weaker eye.

Right now, all Madison needs is glasses. The doctor seems to think that will solve her problem. I guess when she tries to see she is overfocusing and that is what is causing her to cross her eyes. If this does not correct the problem, then our next step is the patch. Lastly, surgery would be an option. However, the doctor does not think that it will come to that.

We ordered her glasses on Tuesday. They are suppose to be in next week. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “What’s been happening – Part II – Strabismus

  1. Oh my, that sounds like it would worry me. I don't like eye conditions. I have kerataconus, which is a thinning and mishaping of the cornea. Can't have Lazik. Have to wear rigid gas permeal contacts to see clearly. The eye doc, imho, is worse than the dentist.

    I hope no surgery is needed!

  2. I am hoping the no surgery is needed to.

    My hubby's grandparents were both blind, so we don't mess around with anything that has to do with eyes.

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