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When Is MY Birthday?

In my house, the question of when is my birthday is asked often — usually weekly.  Madison is dying to turn 5 years old.  I am not sure what she thinks happens when  you turn five, but she can't wait.  The book When Is My Birthday? comes in handy after being asked that question a hundred times in one day.  The book starts off with Elmo helping his mom get ready for Daisy's, Elmo's sister's, birthday party.  Elmo gets jealous and wants it to be his birthday too.  He finds himself jealous that daisy got a toy truck.  However, we find out at the end of the book that Elmo's birthday is close by, so he doesn't have to wait for long for his turn.  Daisy also shares it with him too while he waits.  I find that this book helps Madison, somewhat, with patience and sharing.  Plus, kids always enjoy reading about parties, presents, and cake.  When Is My Birthday? is a great book for impatient little ones waiting for their birthdays.

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3 thoughts on “When Is MY Birthday?

  1. My nephew couldn't wait to turn 5. At his birthday party on his 5th birthday, he said he was going to go to kindergarten the next day. His parents told him he would start kindergarten, when he turned 5. He couldn't understand that he had to wait……….he was 5!

  2. I used to babysit this little girl. When it was getting close to her birthday I started to hear it everyday. She would randomly squeal with joy at points.

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