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Why I Want My Next Vehicle To Be A Cadillac Escalade

First, I want to start with my disclaimer which I normally would put at the end. GM does not expect me to write this post even though they did loan us a Cadillac Escalade for our trip to New York. This post is 100% my opinions and truly how my family feels. I also realize if I try to write this post when I finally get everything up from our vacation, it may be December! LOL

Let me start of by first thanking GM. The Cadillac Escalade ESV AWD Platinum that they lent us was beyond awesome.

Everyone, please say hi to “The Beast”.  We nicknamed our Cadillac Escalade “The Beast” for 2 (aff) reasons.  First, Bill normally drives a Prius.  This is considerably bigger.  Second, the first three letters on the license plate for this baby were “BEA”.  So we found it a fitting name.  🙂

There are just so many cool things about this vehicle.  There’s a total of 137.4 cubic feet behind the first row!  Though it seats eight, there was only the 4 of us on the way there (though in New York, we were able to fit my SIL, my BIL, their son and his carseat (aff), and all of us in here with no problems at all!).  However, because it is so roomy, the kids spent the first day . . . . .  NOT fighting.  Madison sat in the second row.  Will sat in the third row.  They couldn't touch each other.  Each had access to their own DVD player and wireless headsets too.  We literally drove almost 9 hours that first day, and the kids didn't fight at all.  I still can't believe it now that we are home (aff), and I am actually typing that. Not only was their room for people, but we had plenty of trunk space too. We haul a lot when we travel, and we got everything in and then some!

The navigation system was a lifesaver for us.  I can't read a map to save my life.  It is super helpful when you have no idea where you are, and it can get you back to your previous destination (which usually was my SIL's house).  It also would tell us to turn right instead of in 400 ft turn turn right.  It let you know exactly when to turn.  It also listed on the screen the street names.  Now, we didn't use the OnStar, because Bill felt stupid about it.  However, we were able to get everywhere we needed to with the handy dandy GPS unit in the Escalade.

I also LOVED the cooled cup holders.  It is the little things like this that grab my heart.  I cannot drink warm anything.  It's just gross.  That is why I absolutely loved these!  Plus, you can also use them to keep your drinks warm.  It's an equal opportunity cupholder.  You just have to hit the button letting it know which one you want!  It is literally one of those things you don't need, but it sure makes your life easier.

Another great feature of the Cadillac Escalade has to be the built in DVD players.  That happened to be the most favorite part of the vehicle for my kids:

It was great that they could watch different movies at the same time. Even better was the wireless headsets for the DVD players, so we didn't have to listen to their movies!

Bill also raved about the seats. It was awesome that they cooled off. We were able to drive almost 9 hours and Bill didn't have a sweaty back when we got there. The seats also had lumbar support, so he didn't feel the need to stretch when we got there. We were just comfortable.

What ties into the seats is the tri zone climate auto control. Each part of the Escalade got to control their own temperature. Many times, we did have 3 different temperatures going!

The only con of this vehicle is the gas mileage. However, for our entire trip we averaged about 17 mpg. For a vehicle of this size, that is not bad! We also got stuck in a lot of traffic, so some of those are rush hour miles when you are going a whopping 2 (aff) mph. I think our most expensive fill-up was $100.

Seriously, I could go on and on and on. I think we all cried a little when we had to give it back. However, I can only recommend this vehicle to anyone looking at Cadillac Escalades. It was an awesome ride.

What is your most favorite feature?

UPDATE: I just got the credit card statement and found out we only spent $310.59 in gas which is really not all that bad at all! We had figured in the $500 range!

10 thoughts on “Why I Want My Next Vehicle To Be A Cadillac Escalade

  1. I love Cadillacs. LOVE them! I'm beyond the need for an SUV and I honestly never thought I'd be driving a sedan let alone a Cadillac but I wouldn't give mine up for anything. After 20+ years of driving suburbans and minivans I'm a Cadillac sedan girl through and through.

  2. How awesome! Living in NYC, I see so many Escalades and I've always wanted to try one. I love the idea of wireless headsets & individual dvd players. Everyone can watch their own selection & I don't have to hear it! LOL

  3. Wow! It sounds fabulous with the spaciousness, great features, and all. I am glad you all have enjoyed it. Also, I just got back from Type A and I completely understand being behind on stuff.

  4. So glad you all enjoyed, Lisa – it's kind of like a rolling living room, isn't it? Also glad to hear that the total you spent on fuel was far less than you anticipated. That's just icing on the icing. "Equal opportunity cupholders" – I'll have to submit that one to our marketing team!

    Thanks for your review.

  5. After seeing it in person, I can honestly say that I want one. What sold me? All the room still left AFTER seeing the 3rd row up! When we travel, even though there's only one kid, we pack a lot! I just can't even imagine having that much room.

    One of these days I'm going to talk Gareth into letting me have one.

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