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Will Update

It is so weird having a kid who isn't pencil thin (not that that is a bad thing).  Will has a huge belly on him.  He is actually in the 75th percentile for his height and weight, so he doesn't really need any Phentermine. However, that is not what this update is about.

First, he says “No” now.  I don't think he knows what it means, but he does like to say it.  The other big accomplishment is huge.  I got him to drink from a sippy cup!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why is this huge?  This stubborn little boy would quit drinking out of his bottle when he would try to change his nipples on him.  Needless to say, getting him off the bottle has been a challenge.  Now, since we are heading off to Green Bay, I am going to back some bottle just in case, but I am super excited.  I think we made progress!

3 thoughts on “Will Update

  1. I know what you mean about the bottles. It took a long time for me to get Sariah off the bottle. Rebekah, however has been drinking from a sippy cup since she was 6 months!

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