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Will’s Doctor’s Appointment

Well, we got some good news tonight!  He got his shots, and they did not hear any wheezing.  However, every time he gets sick, we will have to closely monitor him and possibly give him breathing treatments again.  I can deal with that.

When he got his shots, first he would scream.  Then Madison screamed.  He had 4 shots and this repeated itself 4 times.  Good times, let me tell you.   As soon as I could pick him up, he stopped crying and was smiling at the nurse.  He was my little trooper.

One thought on “Will’s Doctor’s Appointment

  1. What a brave boy. Regarding the breathing treatments my son did them until the age of 3-3.5 and my daughter until the age of 2-2.5. They haven't had breathing problems after a homeopathic treatment they did. I hope your son doesn't have any more problems.

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