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Busy Week – #NSNation Update Week 42 #samp

I did weight myself in on Monday for this post. However, I have had super crazy and busy week this week and haven’t had 3 seconds to do anything. That being said, I got to participate in a Fashion Show on Wednesday night.

The crazy thing is that I thought I was a lot bigger than the girls I modeled with. Well, this picture that we took backstage after our walk, proves me wrong! I was shocked to see it. Even though my brain has adjusted to a thinner me, I’m still not seeing what you all see. Or I can just say Damn Mirrors!

This was part of Everything Healthy TVs first show. Without Nutrisystem, I wouldn’t have lost almost 70 lbs. and learned a much more healthy way of life. This week, I’m back to a 0 weight loss, but I’m going to focus on the 68 lbs I have lost! I also got a fit bit yesterday night, so I am hoping to watch my activity a little better and maybe step it up a notch!


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