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Jewel – Low prices everyday #NotGoingAnywhere #ad

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As you all know, we recently celebrated Madison’s birthday party. We had both a family party and a friend party. Guess where I shopped for both parties? Jewel.

My closest grocery store is Jewel. For our family party, I was able to pick up a 14 lb. turkey for a little over $10! Now, I did pick this up right before Thanksgiving. I also was able to get 5 boxes of Stovetop stuffing for $4! We also picked up the chips, cheese, cracker, beer, soda, etc for our family party at Jewel! I even got the boxed cake mix and frosting from them (which I made into cupcakes). The morning of we ran to Jewel to get the ingredients for homemade guacamole.

For Madison’s friend birthday party, I went to Jewel to take advantage of their low prices everyday. I was able to pick up a six pack of cupcakes (so I didn’t have to make them this time). I was able to get juice boxes and chips for a great price too! I’ll be honest, I stood in the bakery department for a long time, because they had so many great choices to pick from! The cakes were cute (and I could get a small one. You don’t have to go with a sheet cake if you don’t need that much. You have options!), but I ended up going with the cupcakes just due to having less leftovers with them. Plus, they were a hit once I brought them home!

What’s the best deal you have found lately? Was it sale or just a regular low price at your favorite grocery store?

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  1. We don’t have this chain in Florida.. BUT I love that our walmart in Florida (only!!) is now accepting competitors Buy One Get One Free deals and matching them with Walmart’s prices… It’s the best thing so far… love my coupons and love me a deal..

  2. I hope this doesn’t sound to sarcastic…but the best deal is the one I give myself buy not buying hardly anything…I feel we work too hard to spend anymore that we have too…I would like to invest more and do less spending…but continue to earn good income.

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