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What are your New Years Resolutions this year?  Is it workout more?  Be more organzied?  Lose weight?

I tihink one of the reasons we fail at things like fitness and weight loss is that we just don't have time.  That is where companies like mygofer come to the rescue.  What is mygofer? is an online shopping service that can help make your life easier.  Do you love shopping online but hate having to run to the store to get what you need?  Using, you can browse everything from milk to laundry detergent to dog food.  Now, instead of making your shopping list and then running to Kmart to find everything and buy it (and spending on hour of your life you would much rather be spending with your family), you place your order online.  The products are then handpicked at your local store and then picked up or delivered to the you in a matter of hours!  You heard me right – I did say grocery delivery!  If you need your order right now, mygofer has partnered with Kmart to provide order pick up locations at Kmart stores across the country.  The pickup service is absolutely free and when they arrive at the store, they simply pick up their order at the customer service counter or drive to the designated curbside pickup location where mygofer will bring the order out to the customers car.  You can also get same day home delivery by providing a wide range of delivery window options to select from, even as late as 9pm and on the weekends too.  Now, since the plague has been going through my house, how helpful is this?  This service is beyond helpful for busy moms trying to balance all facets of their lives.

Something I have noticed about many services like this (though I've never seen same day delivery before!), is that they are super expensive.   Since mygopher is working with Kmart, all of the prices are competitive or even less than your local grocery or big box store.  The best part is that you can use your Shop Your Way Rewards card and you can earn points on your order! is a great way to keep your New Years Resolutions this year beyond February 1st.  Who can't use more time in their life?  You can use the time you've saved to exercise more, spend more time with your family, or just to get more sleep!

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