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The Audiologist

As I said in my last post, Madison failed the preschool hearing test.  I never there was a chance of that, and I found myself a lot more upset about it than I thought it would be.  I ended up Twittering about it, and a lot of the awesome people on there made me feel a lot better about it.

We lucked out and were able to get her in today to get her hearing tested.  I was a little nervous, but she had a blast doing it.  They did several cool things.  First, they tested to see if she had fluid in her ears.  They put a thing in her ear, and we watched a screen.  If it looked like a pancake when the tone sounded, she had fluid in her ears.  If it looked like a mountain, she didn’t.  We saw two mountains (one for each ear).  Then they did a test to check her middle ear, and she passed that.  Lastly, they tested her manually.  They put in earplug looking things in her ears, and the audiologist went into a different room and talked to Madison over it.  She said words like carports, baseball, and ice cream, and Madison had to repeat the word.  The audiologist told her she did a good job to which she replied that “she practices a lot”.  I am not sure what she practices, but it was pretty funny.  After she repeated the words, they then did a test with tones.  If she heard the tone, she had to clap.  They then did the word test again.  Then they did a last test with some earphone looking thing.  When she heard the beep, she had to say Beep.

The good news is that she passed!  On a scale of 0 – 20 being normal, she scored 5s on most things.  She did get 15 on 800 mhz stuff (it could be 8,000 I don’t remember).  That is still in the normal range, but I could hear when she was missing words, so it is something I will keep an eye on.  Their recommendation was just to keep an eye on it, but she was completely normal.  Woohooo!!!!

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  1. My good friend's son just failed his hearing test, too. It's amazing (and good) the testing that kids go through these days. I don't remember having my hearing tested until I was in middle school.

  2. I don't remember having my hearing tested in school at all….I'm sure I did, but I don't recall. I had 2 friends in college that were studing Audiology and Speech Pathology. It's good that there are a number of reliable tests so you have accurate results.

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