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Tummy Stuffers

Do your kids watch TV? If so, they have seen the commercial for Tummy Stuffers. I know my kids have begged for one, because they think it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Tummy Stuffers were an instant hit at Toy Fair 2013 landing on several Top 10 Toys of Toy Fair lists, including ABC News and Time Magazine! Tummy Stuffers are the perfect way for children to stuff, store and organize their own belonging such as socks, belts, underwear, sweaters, hats and toys. Whatever your kids can dish out, you can stuff and organize in style! Now, I know you are wondering, do they really work?

Well, we tried it out for ourselves!  This what a Tummy Stuffer looks like right out of the bag.  It’s cute.


We decide to fill the Unicorn Tummy Stuffer with socks.


That entire pile of socks — all in the Tummy Stuffer! The Tummy Stuffer is super soft, and I there are so many uses for it besides filling it with socks.


We will be using it to help keep Madison’s room cleaner! You can get a Monkey, Ladybug, Dog, Unicorn, Gator and Kitty Tummy Stuffers. Lots of choices for your kids!

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