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What having surgery taught me . . . .

Now, if you follow me regularly, you will know that exactly one week ago I was having an ablation done.  This was done to control the last 5 years of what doctors would call “breakthrough bleeding”.  I like to call it the neverending period.  After we would spend months figuring out a birth control that would control this, my body would laugh and start up all over again.  My over 50 lb weight loss seemed to really through everything into a tailspin.  My recovery has taught me a few things . . . .

The doctors sure bill fast.  I already have an EOB from the doctor who did the surgery.  Hello, $700 bill coming shortly.  I’m afraid to see what the hospital bill is going to be!  With that, I applied for a work at home job today that would be awesome and help pay my kids school tuition.  Keep our fingers crossed for me!

My husband can step up when needed too.  He took the kids to camp, piano lessons, etc.  He took Friday off when I wasn’t up to dealing with the kids too.  I knew he could do it.  Now, if he could just remember to feed the kids lunch . . . .

Most importantly though, I have to slow down.  I run this blog with 3 others.  I write for a couple others.  I do some freelance social media work too.  What do I give up to do all this and still be here for my family?  Sleep.

However, everything I read about recovery from an ablation said to take it easy.  The people who did seemed to have better recoveries from the stories I read online.  I think my body needed the rest too.  I need to go to bed at night, and now I am trying to make an effort to do so.  I’ve learned to take a little better care of me!



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