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The AUTOSEAL® Kids Mug

With having a five year old, I can say we've been through every sippy cup under the sun.  That being said, even though she's in regular cups now, I can't tell you how many times we have spills.  That is why I am impressed with the 100% spill- and leak-proof Contigo's mug that uses AUTOSEAL® technology to prevent accidental spills.  Seriously, all you have to do is just press the button to sip and release the button to automatically seal the mug. Perfect for kids on-the-go, in the car, or in school lunches.  We used it to travel, and it's great.  No more in the car spills!  The mugs are 100% BPA free, and Phthalate- and PVC-free too.  The lid is also one piece.  You don't have to worry about several parts or having to reassemble after cleaning.  Speaking of cleaning, I also love that this is dishwasher (aff) safe!

Madison (and Will for that matter) had an easy time holding this mug and there are even non skid grips on the bottom.  I also love that it is actually a little to hard for Will (my 2 (aff) year old) to hit the button, so it makes my house a cleaner place!  The AUTOSEAL® Kids Mug is the perfect mug for your 4 to 12 year old. They may outgrow their sippy cups, but they never outgrow spilling.


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