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Braun ThermoScan

One of the few things that I have ever bought for my kids and got a ton of use out of is my Braun Thermoscan thermometer. I love this thermometer that I actually bought one to stay at both grandmas' houses. It is so easy to use that Madison can take her own temperature (and she often does too!). All you have to do it hit the on switch which is right below the screen. When turned on, the screen will show —F (or the last temperature you took). Now, it's time to take temperatures. Your next step is to put the thermometer in the ear and hit the button on top of it labeled Start. You will see a green light blink and in less than 3 seconds you have your temperature. Now, if you have a screaming child, the light also stays on when its done so you can tell. It is seriously that easy. I hate doing rectal temperatures, so this was a heaven sent. It is so easy to use, and you need that when you have a screaming baby on your hands. I love that it tells me the last temperature I took also. When you are stressing when your kids are sick, you often can't remember if the temp has gone up or down. This is a nice reminder. Its amazing to see how far thermometers have come since I was a little.

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