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Broken Snowblower

Anybody know anything about snowblowers?  Ours is less than 3 (aff) years old, and Bill cannot get it started.  He has tried new gas and has read the book.  I think he is going to try blow drying the lines in case there is condensation in there now.  He refuses to shovel, and since we have several inches of snow, I need my sidewalk cleared! Any ideas out there??!!??

4 thoughts on “Broken Snowblower

  1. try draining the carb and cleaing the main jet it runs right up through the center of the carb. there should be a brass nut at the bottom of the bowl on the outside of it unscrew it and be careful as it will leak gas. the look up into it and you will see the bottom of the main jet. get a piece of florist wire and run it up in there to remove the gum that is blocking it. reassemble and give it a try. Should work just fine

  2. im a better john than that guy. i can blow snow like none other. try blowing your blower. call me in the morning.

  3. That's why I don't use snow blowers. I live in Maryland where the climate is fairly mild, and I don't get enough snow to justify the purchase. Instead, I bought an electric snow thrower for a lot less.

  4. I second the value of an electric snowblower. They are cheap and easy to use. The one I got last winter, the Toro Power Shovel, doubles as a power room so I get use out of it no matter what the season.

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