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Caillou Toys

Will is a huge Caillou fan, so we were very excited to find out that there are some new products to check out.

The Caillou Classic Doll was a huge hit in my house.  Will won't let his sister even touch “his” Caillou.  His familiar outfit tipped Will off right away to who the doll was.  The body is soft, so it is perfect for snuggling.  The head, arms, and feet are vinyl which lends itself to frequent use and easy cleanup.

The Caillou Bath Time Vehicle was also a huge hit at my house.  It is made just for the bathtub.  You pull the wind up string, and Calliou sails in your bathtub!  Will can play over an hour with this in the tub!  It definitely gets 5 stars from me.  It also doesn't have anyplace for water to get stuck in and get moldy which I love.

Both Calliou toys were a hit in my house, so I can only recommend them for yours!

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