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Cellars Wine Club

Whether you are a novice or an expert wine drinker, Cellars Wine Club is for you. Bill and I are novices but have 2 (aff) sister-in-laws who are quite the experts. We recently were able to try 3 (aff) wines from Cellars Wine Club‘s most popular clubs.

Membership includes a choice of 2 (aff) different reds or 1 red and 1 white. There are tasting notes, discounts on wine reorders, and a gift announcement (1st shipment only). Depending on the club, you are looking at a price range of $29.95 – $39.95, and the membership can range from 2 – 12 months.

From the West Coast Wine Club, we were able to try Abby Page. This wine is made from 100% Pinot Noir. It has an aroma of raspberry and black cherry. It is best paired with game fish and roasted meats. Our thoughts? We found Abbey Page to be dry but smooth. This was one of my sister-in-laws favorites.

Next, we tried the Chateau Sainte-Marie from the International Wine Club. This 2007 vintage is comprised of 67% Merlot, 28% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Cabernet Franc. The wine was aged for 12 months in French Oak. It has a rich aroma of cherries and dark friut. It is a wine that can be drunk right away or can be aged gracefully for another 2 years. I recommend drinking at room temperature with lamb, veal chops, beef Bourguignon, and aged cheese. We thought this wine had an oakiness (not sure how you would spell that) flavor. It was sweeter than the Pinot Noir. This was my other sister-in-laws favorite.
Lastly, we tried a wine from the Premium Wine Club. The Sauvignon Blanc Malborough aroma is melon, citrus and fresh tropical fruit. It definitey has a fruity flavor and goes well with fish. This wine was personally my favorite.

The Cellars Wine Club definitely has something for everyone.  This makes a great gift for that hard to shop for person or even for yourself!  With so many wine clubs to pick from, you can always find the perfect one!

2 thoughts on “Cellars Wine Club

  1. I really love a glass of wine at the end of the day. We usually go to a few wine festivals and tastings throughout the year. I am definitely a novice but this is such a great idea. Would be a wonderful gift for my sister and brother in law. They have everything so I always have a really hard time trying to find something that they can use. They love wine also and this would be such a great unique gift.

  2. I agree. I'm always heading to wine festivals to seek our some great wines. I also really enjoy a good wine club because all these amazing wines come to you each month. My siblings are really into wine so when they come over for dinner it's always fun to open a random bottle from somewhere new!

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