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Right now, canvas tote bags are seen everywhere. Almost everyone carries them around. However, some totes bags out there aren't all the stylish or creative. That is where ChariTotes comes in. ChariTotes Design-A-Bag craft kits are awesome.

Each kit comes with a blank canvas bag, fabric markers, crayons, a sketchbook, stencils, and stickers. As you can see from my pictures above, these bags are hours of fun. I personally loved how much there was to do with these kits. These kits are sold 12 kits per box. They are great for your girl scout outing, parties, or even party favors! Best of all, 10% of all sales goes towards the Pediatric Cancer Foundation! I also love that a 18 year old high school student came up with this great product. This was a project she did on her own — she made tote bags and donated the bags to hospitals where children were being treated for cancer. She realized that she could start a company and expand her reach. She could help other children do what she had been doing locally.

These totes help a great cause, foster creativity, and are great for any age group. They are a high quality product, and I can only hope that my kids are as kind and caring as Taylor Greenberg Goldy (that's the person who came up with this awesome idea). I think ChariTotes is a great product, and I can only recommend them!

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