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Chicken Dance

chicken danceI've never had a book come to me in squawking stereo, but Chicken Dance is not like any book you've seen before.  The story is funny and the graphics are awesome.  It's almost like watching a movie.  The story itself is quite simple:  Marge and Lola are two chickens with a mission.  They are wanting to win two tickets to see Elvis Poultry in concert, but to get them they have to win a talent contest.  You will see some familiar faces (like cows jumping over the moon).  I hate to tell you too much more, because this is a really good book.  It makes my kids laugh, and as an adult, I found myself laughing too!  The inside covers of the book even have dance steps for your kids to do with the chickens!  I also love the message of be yourself and try your hardest.

My kids loved Chicken Dance.  I can only highly recommend this fun book!


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